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ChitramTV is an internet based TV service. It works in exactly the same way as your current cable or satellite service, and you can watch it via a remote control in exactly the same way. All you need is a broadband internet connection of 1.5 Mbit/s.

ChitramTV can be watched in two simple ways

1. Connect ChitramTV Box to Your TV

Select your preferred app.

Step A : Connection the Video and Audio to TV

  • Connect the HDMI cable ❶ to HDMI ports

Step B : Connecting the Power

  • Connect the Power adapter ❷ to Power port
Caution : Power should be given after all other connections.

Step C : Connecting to the Internet Router

  • Connect the Internet using Ethernet cable ❸.
2.Connect Via Your Computer/Mobile/ Tablet


  • Go to ChitramTV Download Page Click This www.chitram.tv/downloads
  •  Select your preferred app.
  •  Login into the App
  •  Watch and Enjoy.


Entertainment at its best on your chitramtv platform watch anytime anywhere on Your favorite device

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Watch all the Indian entertainment without any interruption! Bumper Launch offer: Get a free set top Box on a new connection worth €129! Pay only €129 for yearly subscription!

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